January Update


It's been over two years since I have updated the website and for that I humbly beg the forgiveness of anyone who noticed. That being said, I've updated the tracks that are available both here on the site and on Soundcloud. Over the next few days I'm going to do my best to finish up the site, add some new media, all in preparation for what I hope will be the release of an actual CD by the end of March.

It's been over five years since I began creating electronic music and I am very excited to have finally compiled a collection of songs that I am ready to release into the world as a full length album. Currently, the album artwork is being worked on which I will post about soon! The mixdown for almost all of the tracks is nearly complete and I am going to start the process of getting the songs sent out for mastering.

Keep an eye out here and on Facebook for updates about the CD release party!

External MP3 Player

I've added a link in the upper-right corner of the site to open an external media player, for those of you who want to listen to tracks and browse away from the site at the same time. You can also see a list of the songs that are currently available on the site when you open it. Enjoy!


Hi all, I've put some tracks up on Soundcloud. If you feel inspired to listen to them there, be sure to leave comments and let me know what you like or think could use improvement! You can use the link here or in the bottom right corner of the page.  Link to SoundCloud

Welcome!  09/26/11

I'm very excited to welcome you to the official Om Frequency web site! I've been working on this for awhile and it's finally started to come together. Please feel free to check in frequently to get information on upcoming shows, listen to new tracks, and browse the media section. I'll try to update the site with more material as soon as it becomes available. Thank you for your support!


  • Firefly 2010 Firefly 2010 - Denise Hard at Play Descend Drums Dumbek Face

    Drum Time Shawn and Chris Having Fun Bridge Brothers Bash

    Light Guitar Listening Nimbus Drums Rearranger Shawn Guitar


  • CoSM 2010 Performance


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Wobble Wednesday


SWID 2013


CoSM 2011 Deities & Demons Masquerade
Om Frequency

For booking shows and events in the Greater Boston area or beyond, please contact Shawn Starkweather at:


This section is in progress. It will be updated when the CD becomes available on iTunes and via hard copy. Maybe I'll make some T-shirts or something. Don't judge me, I do music, not merchandise.

Shawn Starkweather

Boston based producer Shawn Starkweather became a student of the electronic arts several years ago and has since struggled to bring focus to the storm of creative impulses that began to emerge while developing the skill. So vast were the compilations and experiments that leapt forth from his mind that he could hardly be expected to finish one project before another began. As the years went by, many lonely projects were left unfinished, obscured by time into distant memory by newer, better, and more exciting ones. Soon, those too would become dusty digital relics, to be ridiculed and mocked by more advanced, more professional sounding tracks, and swept away to dark lonely back-up drives.

Eventually, a compilation of tracks that stood fast against the test of time began to emerge. The strongest songs had survived this digital warfare to gain the respect of their producer and be dubbed 'done enough'.

Thus was his debut album 'Penumbra' born, and all the world cringed in anticipation.

Contributing Artists

Chris Baum

Chris Baum

Om Frequency is fortunate to have violinist Chris Baum guest for many performances, and to feature his playing in several tracks on the upcoming album. A graduate of Berkeley School of Music in Boston, he has since moved on to writing music scores, giving music lessons and kicking mad ass on the violin in his spare time. Chris has toured with several Boston based groups, namely Incus, the Ben Levin Group, Bent Knee and the Drop Kick Murphys.